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Director  // Sascha Vredenburg  |  Writer //  Hannah Lau  |  Producer // Nelson Happ, Jan-Hendrik Holst, Karl Heidelbach  |  DOP // Martin Ludwig  |  Set Designer // Nadja Götze  |  Montage // Elena Schmidt  |  VFX-Producer // Josephine Roß  |  VFX-Supervisor // Denis Krez  |  Art Direction + Motion Design // Milena Mayer

Filamakdemie Baden-Württemberg 2018

CATHARSIS is a Science-Fiction-Series produced by students of the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. The project is a work in progress. As the Art Director, I conceptualize, design and animate parts of the visual content: Corporate Design of  fictional corrupt companies, Logo Design for the rebell force, as well as holographic Screen-Graphics & Information-Design. Moreover I will be creating the Title Sequence. The project is very special to me, as i had the opportunity to work close with the writer, director, set designer and VFX-Department.