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Workshop // Personal Drama Surrogates | Workshop Supervisor // Carsten Goertz

Concept & Animation  // Milena Mayer | Voice Over // Timm Völkner | Sound // Looping Keppler Telescope

Different mind states create different semantic logics.

The experimental short Emma was developed in a workshop called Personal Drama Surrogates within the Master Programme (Motion Design) at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. Workshop Supervisor Carsten Goertz and students of different disciplines aimed to explore the mediated self and its flipside: digital otherness.
Emma is an audio-visual poem, constructed from dementia language fragments and digital glitches on a monitor with a broken cable. Additional to the voice over of the poem, a looping sound of the Keppler Telescope was added. By this means, the spoken poem is intensified by the Keppler Telescope’s  abstract semantic signal.