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Client // Eyes and Ears Europe

Workshop // Type in Motion  |  Project Supervisor // Ralph Lobeck

Animation Promotion //  Timm Völkner (Project Leader)  |  Animation Marketing //  Ulrike Kaffei  |  Animation Design // Milena Mayer

Sound Composer // Andreas Skandy

Eyes and Ears Europe is an international plattform of people working in the media industry to exchange their knowledge within workshops and conferences.
As a team of three motion designers and a music composer, we created an opening countdown for the event of Eyes & Ears Europe within Ralf Lobeck’s workshop Type in Motion at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. Our aim was to underline the core values of Eyes & Ears Europe: influencing and shaping the future of Europe’s audio-visual media industry. Whereas we created analogue letters by the means of ink, fluorescent liquid and light to equally communicate the expanding and form giving nature of Eyes & Ears Europe.